Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet little Tinker....

This Tinker a lucky little Senegal owned by Carol.
Carol provided me with a really nice high quality
pic of her sweetie and I was able to capture her bird.

Feathered or not this is a cutie...

If you would like a drawing of your own bird feel
free to drop me a e-mail at:

Thank you,


  1. How about my dogs? I only have yard birds! LOL

  2. I haven't tried dogs yet? When I do I will draw
    my Rott KoDee first? I want way more exp with colored pencils before I try a dog or cat, but in due time cusin I will :)

    Yard birds, isn't that a old 60's rock group? ;)

  3. I don't know? I'm not that old! LOL

  4. I'm Tinker's mom (well, he looks at it as "human slave") and I received my sketch today. I can't express how pleased and happy I am w/this. Lynell captured Tinker's personality which shines through even though he's "feathered challenged". I'll be getting it framed this weekend and can't wait to hang it on a wall (now, does it go in the living room or the bird room?)

  5. Lynell - you're not old enough to remember one of Eric Clapton's first bands, lol.