Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home and healing :)

Well I made it through the surgery good but had a little set
back. I got sick from the pain pills they were giving me.
That was a rough 2 days let me tell you. I had tubes coming
out of everywhere and they tried to get me up and walk the
second day well that didn't go over to well. I was sick to
my tummy and dizzy in the head from the meds. Once they got
the pain meds worked out then I started to recover quicker.

It took 2 days to get through that By Saturday I was feeling
much better and was able to get up and walk around, by mid day
Saturday I talked them into removing the IV, Cath, the drain
on my wound oh and the oxygen as well as the special socks that
they pump air into to keep your legs moving so you don't get
blood clots in your legs.

Saturday I was cruising up and down the hallway :)

The first room I had I had a roommate which had at least 8 to 10
visitor's at all times in that room. Two nurses came in and said
under their breath were are going to save me and moved to my
own room :) from them on I had a private room :)

Nurses are very special people I had some great ones and I had
a couple OK ones but they all took pretty good care of me.

I came home Sunday to the delight of my hubby and my mother and
my Rott KoDee... They all missed me and as well as I missed them.

Came home to find all five amazons eggs had hatched. 3 are under their
mothers care and 2 are being fostered under a wonderful little Grey
hen that I have. Her eggs were clear and timed closely to the amazons
so I took a bit of a gamble and she hatched them and is doing a great
job with them. This I believe is her first experience being a mommy.
She has had 5 clutches of non-fertile eggs so I hope that raising some
babies she will now take a break? As well as getting valuable hands
on mommy experience :)

I have 1 fertile Grey egg in another nest which I'm really looking
forward to hatching? We will keep that Grey baby for a future breeder
when it hatches, and I hope to find a Grey baby from someone that will
want to trade a Blue front baby so I can make up a young pair of Grey's

I walk using a walker and a back brace. Just got the optional tennis balls
installed on the walker and I was really hoping for a bicycle horn because
I'm hoping to take this thing out into traffic and I want to be ready ;)
Jesse wants to put some mud flaps on it as well... lol

The pain is kinda over whelming at times but I think once I get some
meds built up in my system that will settle down a bit.

Again Mom and Jesse are taking great care of me as I can not do anything
right now and shouldn't be doing anything for a long while (Doc's orders)
I have been itching to draw some birds so I will as soon as I feel
comfortable sitting up? That is hard for me currently. I currently take
alot of naps which is always good... :)

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  1. Oh Nell , Sure hope you are feeling better soon girl! Gotta get you back to the drawing board! Birds look lovely over there. I feel like they are watching me. LOL Hi, Guys! Well I have been meaning to call you every day now. You should call me and I won't worry about getting you at a bad time. When are you gonna come back over for a visit:? I am going to be teaching a class in Oct . 17 in San Luis Obsispl. wish you could come and be my side kick. that would be cool. When will you be able to ride in a car I bet you are getting a little board. Have you finished reading taking flight book. Hurry up girl friend!Tell your mom and Jesse hello and I hope they are having fun taking care of you. You be on your best behaviour. Hugs, girl talk to you soon. Love cousin Steffi