Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day one...

I have had a love for birds ever since I can remember? Some 40+ yrs? Same with my talent
drawing, mom always said I started to draw as soon as I picked up and could hold a pencil.

So it's natural for me to draw the birds I love. My true love is hookbills but I'm fascinated by
all birds. I have had pigeons, finches, quail, parakeets, cockatiels, amazons, cockatoo's and a
Blue and Gold macaw that was and still is the smartest bird I had ever met.

I currently own no pet birds not by choice though, I just have my breeder birds. I have a great pair of Blue front amazons named Lois and Clark, they have given me lots of babies over the years. They have a nasty personality and would love to eat my face... Normal behavior for a pair of breeding amazons. They are beautiful Blue Fronts.

I have fallen in complete LOVE with my African Grey's. I have never had them before now
and I really just want to focus on them alone. They are amazing birds.... I can't wait to have
success with them and get to raise some baby Grey's? I started with 4 pairs ranging from wild caught birds to hand fed ex-pets to a little male hand fed but raised as a future breeder and was
not handled will he was young, but he likes a little head scratch through the bars now and then.

When I set up my pairs I gave them cute couples names like Mickey & Minnie, Will & Grace, Dharma & Greg and even Salt and Pepper. True to the current times all of my pairs have gotten a divorce for one reason or another? lol So now I have pairs like Minnie & Greg, and Will & Salt
and now Pepper and Dharma moved away but are now being rumoured to seeing each other??? They live at my friend Bobbie's place. I wish her the best of luck with them.

I currently only have 2 pairs set-up. With 2 singles one being a older wild caught female that is non-viable as a breeder. Oh and young Mickey that just needs to mature up a bit and hopefully
a wonderful female will come along and find him the answer to her dreams? I call him my
Woo BOY, because every time he sees me he says WOO woo... :)

I also hope to be able to provide a home for any misunderstood or un-wanted Grey's that are
currently in the wrong home? I hope to be able to rehabilitate those misunderstood birds and find them more understanding and loving homes? They are very special birds and I feel privileged to share my life and time with them. Can't wait until I can have one as a pet? :)

Grey's are proving to be a real challenge for me? They are trying but so far all we have had is
clutch after clutch of clear eggs... They will get it right, I hope? :)

After a 20 year break from drawing I have recently picked it up again and begun to draw birds
like I have never been able to before. It's a GOD given talent and it amazed me how easy it was
to start where I left off 20 yrs ago?

My goal is 2 fold. To be able to raise well adjusted fully fledged African Greys for companion birds for loving fully understanding bird owners, and to be able to draw beautiful pictures of peoples birds as well as the birds that interest me along the way?

Come share my love of birds and my love of drawing along with me? Thanks for coming by :)

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  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful start! Can't wait to learn more about your birds and see your awesome drawings! Today was grandpa Clovus' birthday.:) Hugs, Cousin Steffi