Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lois and Clark

Just wanted to let you know that Lois and Clark my beautiful blue front amazons
are nesting now and currently have 4 eggs. When she had 3 eggs I quickly candled
them and found that they are fertile. Let me say that 2 eggs were in the very beginning stages of life. I think the 3rd egg hadn't developed enough to see with
a flash light? I use a small Mag light with a PVC coupler attached to the end of it
so it kinda helps direct the light into the egg so you can see better. :)

They normally have a great fertily rate. You can tell when eggs are fertile as they
seem to turn dark unlike a clear (unfertile) egg. While next to each other it's easy
to see after the egg has had sometime to grown. I'd say by day 10 of developement
you can see the difference.

Anyway I looking forward to babies again. :) will keep you posted :)

The above pic is of Lois with a preivous nest of babies. She is a wonderful mommy.

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  1. Hi Lynell! Are the babies here yet? Looking forward to seeing them! Hugs, Steff